How to Always Get a Chest Pump

Working on the chest is one of the hardest of all the muscles in the body.

Developing the lower and middle pectorals are somehow easier since they involve many exercises and since most of the chest muscles being oriented for the more common exercises.

Targeting the upper chest requires a specific angle to exercise the muscles for proper muscle growth.

When your chest is well developed, you not only look great, but you also get functional benefits by being stronger and healthier. In this race to build muscle, there is no crime in taking short-cuts as much as you can. To build muscle and stay ripped, here are the best chest exercise you can do to see results fast.

What You Should Do

Do this circuit with 30 seconds break between each exercise to rest and recharge for another go until you complete four sets. As weeks go by, reduce the break time to make the circuit more challenging. 6-8 reps for each step in a controlled speed of 4 seconds down, holding for 1 second then accelerating the return will rip you up in no time. During all these, squeeze your pecs and build that chest.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This is a bodybuilding favorite, done at every gym. The focus here should be on controlling the tempo as directed to give your muscles maximum tension. No bouncing the weights as you go back up.

Incline Dumbbell Row

With your chest supported at a 30-degree angle on the bench, your focus should be on the full range of motions ensuring you squeeze together your shoulder blades while keeping the arms as close to the body as possible.


Focusing your chest pump on the tempo will ensure your muscles feel the burn at the time you reach the second set. As you start, the push-ups may feel like nothing, but included as part of a circuit, you will learn to respect them.

Incline Cable Fly's

To isolate the upper chest muscles, this is the most suitable exercise. Using cables instead of dumbbells ensure your muscles get constant tension directly onto the chest muscles. This exercise does not fatigue the nervous system so much.

Incline Dumbbell Press

This exercise is performed like the regular incline press. Elevate the bench at 30 degrees and use a neutral grip with palms facing each other all through to give your muscles the unique challenge.

Eat Right for a Chest Pump

In addition to sticking to a workout schedule to build muscle on the chest, you also need good nutrition. When you eat poorly, your body is denied the required nutrition, therefore, slowing your bodybuilding plan. Some of the foods you should eat include:

Salmon: due to its calorie density, salmon is beneficial for chest building. Its high protein content is essential in muscle building. It is also high in fat for energy needed to chest pump.

Eggs: this is important for bulking that chest. It is protein-rich and has adequate fat to provide you with energy. They provide vitamin D which promotes synthesis of testosterone.

Quinoa: this whole grain is an excellent source of carbohydrates to give the body energy to do the tough workouts. It is also good for muscle recovery post workout.

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